The Untold Story of MilleridgeThe Untold Story of Milleridge

The Milleridge Inn, Cottage, and Shops are a treasured piece of Long Island history. A sought-after destination for wedding receptions, romantic weekends, and historical tours, the building broke ground in 1672. However, with every piece of history, there are accompanying “untold stories”—those which relay uneasy feelings, glimpsed figures, and moving objects. New England and the Mid-Atlantic are full of these stories—Milleridge is just a sample. It’s also something of a namesake. This site is built on the former location for Milleridge.

The most interesting “untold story” we have seen involves a former employee. Back in the 1980’s, she noticed that most other staff members avoided a specific room in the second floor—a small, cubicle of a room, perhaps once housing a crib or nursery. The temperature always seemed to be cold, even in the hot New York/New Jersey summers. She would have spent more time in there (free air conditioning!) had the space been more inviting; it housed just a small bed, a chair, and a miniscule crib.

Some shifts required this employee to spend the evening at the Inn. The designated employee quarters were also on the second floor, and she could often hear footsteps approaching the door late at night. She initially brushed it off—it was likely the cleaning crew. After some time, a painting crew was brought in to touch up the hallways after hours—so as not to disturb the sleeping guests.

The ground floor painters had no issues. However, the upstairs crew experienced cold breezes and inexplicable feelings of dread—of being watched. One evening, one of the two upstairs painters went to retrieve coffee for himself and his co-worker. The remaining painter, plagued with the feeling of being watched, turned to face that small room. With horror, he glimpsed a ghostly family of three: a man, a woman, and a small boy. He blinked, and they vanished. You can read even more about the mysterious history of Milleridge here.